New Middle School in Pirna - 1st prize and assignment


City of Pirna

The city plans to build a new building for the middle school "Carl Friedrich Gauss". In addition to the new school building, also the existing sports hall should be expanded.

GFA 4,766 sqm
GBV 17,350 cbm

Excerpt from the jury report
"The compact three-storey building slightly protrudes beyond the building line of the existing sports hall. It thus formulates a subtle gesture of entrance on the forecourt, but maintains a free passage to the rear of the site on the Western end of the building.... The inner circulation is organized by a multi-story atrium with open stairs and circular corridors. In the entrance area, the cafeteria and the music rooms can be opened up to the main hall, thus allowing a flexible use... The space program is well fulfilled. In conjunction with the compact footprint, this results in a high efficiency, but also in a good conceptual use....In total, the concept convinces by its functional and solid elaboration. The appearance is pleasantly unobstrusive and convincing."