Section plan
Elevation plan

Secondary School with Sports Hall in Cologne - 3rd prize


Design Competition

Landscape Architecture: Jetter Landschaftsarchitektur

City of Cologne

Subject of competition is the preliminary design for a new secondary school with a two-part sports hall, playground surfaces and related outdoor facilities in Cologne. The school is intended as a whole-day school for 500 pupils and 35 teachers in a modern and contemporary architectural language.

GFA 9,500 sqm
GBV 40,795 cbm

Excerpt from the jury report
With its open space at the cross-roads, the new school establishes a distinct address in its urban context and responds to the surrounding buildings with an adequately scaled building volumeā€¦The meandering sequence of school and sports hall defines clear open spaces for daily school use:The urban court in front has its counter part in a spacious wood-lined recreational and sports ground in the rear... The central hall with its adjacent separated auditorium and dining hall allows a variety of school-specific uses... In total, the design shows a unique attitude in urban and landscape design and provides a strong platform for the concept of the school.