Floor plan level 1
Floor plan level 2
Floor plan lower level

Elevation plan south-east
Elevation plan north-east

Section plan

Finance Authority Biberach - 3rd prize


Design Competition

Landscape Architekture: Koeber Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart

Land Baden-Wuerttemberg
Dept. of Property and Construction

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg plans a new building for the tax authority in Biberach on its own grounds. A high-quality and energy-efficient building design for the new tax office building is required, and it is supposed to become the new cental address for the administration that nowadays is allocated in eight different locations. The new building has to be connected to the adjacent existing building,and it must fit sensitively to the historic environment. The urban situation should also be reorganized.

GFA 4,225 sqm
GBV 13,886 cbm

Excerpt from the jury report
"The author proposes a geometrically clear, compact structure, positioned self-confidently on Bismarck Ring. It maintains the views to the historic buildings. In its positioning and architectural design, it shows a clear and unequivocal attitude. The main entrance is correctly located on the corner of Station Road / Bismarck Ring and thus refers to the main pedestrian flow ... The connection to the old building on the first floor is located at a reasonable position with a modest intervention in the existing building. The internal organization of the offices is functionally well resolved... Positively acknowledged is the subtle quotation of the city wall by the use of natural stone... With the ventilated, elutriated masonry facade, the author establishes an adequate relation to the old building of the finance authority, but without currying favor. The facade with vertical window sequences leads to a calm and appropriate appearanceā€¦"