Multipurpose Hall Wimsheim


Multipurpose Hall Wimsheim

1st prize in competition 2004

Building Award 2011 Chamber of Architects BW
Recognition Timber Structures Baden-Wuerttemberg 2009

The multipurpose hall for sports and cultural events is situated on a hill overlooking the village. Side wings with their flat roofs reflect the height of the adjacent buildings and contain the entrance hall, the stands, a smaller gymnasium and the changing rooms. The sloping roof above the main hall is set back and rises above the two-storey wing with the changing rooms. An inner courtyard serves as a sheltered outdoor area and may later be used for an extension of the main hall. The spectator area opens up to a fairground. A slow displacement ventilation system induces outside air, pre-warmed respectively pre-cooled by long underground ducts, into the hall. The use of timber and timber products, a heating with wood pellets and a photovoltaic system document the desire of the community for sustainable architecture.

Client Gemeinde Wimsheim // Project Management Harald Konsek // Team Steffen Folk // Landscape Architecture Susanne Konsek // Construction Management Michael Siegmund // Photographer Wolf-Dieter Gericke

GFA 2,790 square meter
GBV 15,600 cubic meter