Rehabilitation, reconstruction and redevelopment of old buildings into a municipal administration building Esslingen


2nd prize in the competition 2004 (1st prize not awarded)

Three inner-city office buildings, dating from 1907 (listed building), 1932 (extension building) and 1965 (energetically completely inefficient) were to be rehabilitated, reconstructed and converted into an administration building for the technical departments of the City of Esslingen. The external appearance of the two older buildings with neo Baroque facades of stone and plaster was preserved, while the most recent building was equipped with new ribbon windows and a plastered, thermally insulated facade. The internal connections between the buildings were modified for disabled persons, the entire technical installations were replaced, and the current fire protection requirements were fulfilled through a variety of measures. Given a very limited budget, the offices themselves were only renovated. On the ground floor, a new entrance area with public services and a retail shop were realized.

Client Stadt Esslingen am Neckar // Joint Venture Drei Architekten and Gassmann + Grossmann Baumanagement GmbH, Stuttgart // Project Management Peter Krieg // Team Christian Vogel, Volker Steinbrenner, Sabine Hahn, Sebastian Linder, Anne Will // Project Controlling Nixdorf Consult, Gerlingen // Construction Management Gassmann + Grossmann Baumanagement GmbH, Stuttgart

GFA 8,500 square meter
GBV 18,000 cubic meter