City Hall in Minergie-P-Standard Vaduz, Liechtenstein


City Hall in Minergie-P-Standard Vaduz, Liechtenstein

1st prize in competition 2009

Project discontinued

As part of anew master plan in the center of the city, a new city hall had to be designed in direct connection to a recently completed city administration building. Adjacent to the famous Art Museum of Liechtenstein, we developed a compact structure on a rectangular footprint. On the ground floor with its large glazings, the arcades in bright pre-cast concrete show the structure of the building. The entrance hall with the service area and two shops are located here. The three upper floors are filled with the city’s administrative offices. The facades are highly profiled with deep window recesses. Large window panes and similarly sized slabs of green natural stone lead to a distinguished appearance of the city hall. The building was planned according to the strict Minergie-P-Standard of Switzerland.

Client Gemeinde Vaduz, Liechtenstein // Project Management Harald Konsek // Team Melanie Greiner (geb. Förster)

GFA 3,540 square meter