Rehabilitation and Extension of the Primary School "Neues Schloss" Neustadt an der Aisch

1st prize in competition 2011 - construction in progress / planning in progress

The project consists of the renovation of a large historical building of 1914, of a new façade for the small gymnasium built in 1968 and an addition to it with new changing rooms, as well as a separate new two-storey extension building with a cafeteria, a music room and several mutli-purpose rooms. In combination with the old school building and the baroque administration building on the opposite side, the new extension building shapes a new public urban space. In the lower level all rooms can be inter-connected to a larger assembly hall, and the rooms of the upper level can also be flexibly combined by opening up the movable partition walls. Large skylights bring daylight into the center of the broad building and create pleasant circulation and lobby spaces.

Client Stadt Neustadt an der Aisch // Project Management Christian Vogel // Team Atiye Özuylasi, Laura Schuberth, Anne Will, Rainer Streule, Grete Lochmann, Susanne Konsek // Landscape Architecture Susanne Konsek

GFA 2,100 square meter
GBV 7,500 cubic meter

Old school building
GFA 4,500 square meter
GBV 20,000 cubic meter