Rehabilitation of a High School in Ludwigsburg


1st rank in public application process (VOF) 2012 - 1st construction stage: completed, 2nd construction stage: planning in progress

The main building with four floors was built in 1951 after a pre-war design and has typical characteristics on the inside and outside like transom windows, large staircases and wide corridors. The two-storey addition of 1957 has a more modern appearance with contemporary façades and fine metal profiles. The buildings are not officially listed as a historic landmark, but they are considered to be worthy of preservation by the authorities (and all architects involved). Therefore, only careful changes will be implemented on the inside: fire doors and glazing will be introduced, the acoustical quality of the classrooms will be improved, all doors will be replaced, and all inner surfaces will be renewed. However the technical installations and the toilets will be completely replaced. On the outside, the character of the buildings will also be kept by replacing all windows in the same design and by refraining from executing an outer heat insulation. On one side, a new elevator will be added to the building for a better accessibility for the handicapped, and all roofs will be comptelety redone.

Client Stadt Ludwigsburg // Project Management Christian Vogel // Team Juncal Nanclares-Gómez, Atiye Özuylasi, Uta Haffner, Grete Lochmann, Jie Xing, Sabine Mössner // Construction Management Sabine Mössner // Photographer Zooey Braun

Design Responsibilities
Department of Planning of the City of Ludwigsburg: preliminary and conceptual design
Drei Architekten: calculation of costs, execution design and construction supervision

GFA 13.600 qm
GBV 50.000 cbm