City Hall in Strasskirchen


1st prize in competition 2012 - Update 2017: Project will not be realized

The geometry and position of the new city hall define different outdoor spaces with their own qualities: an open central square with the little creek to the north, a grove of lime trees to the north-west as transition to the outdoor swimming pool, a garden with ornamental grasses and shrubs to the west, and a parking lot to the south which also serves the neighbouring church. The city hall is oriented to the central square with its entrance and service desks. A large open staircases in the middle of the building leads up to the upper lobby, which can be combined with the council hall for larger events. All offices are located along two sides of the central lobbies. Above the main entrance, the council hall on the upper level with its greater height marks the new village center.

Client Gemeinde Straßkirchen // Project Management Rainer Streule // Landscape Architecture Köber Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart

GFA City Hall 1.544 square meter
GBV City Hall 5.664 cubic meter
Landscape approx. 3.000 square meter