Student House for a High School Stuttgart


Building Award 2007 Chamber of Architects BW
Building Award 2008 Association of German Architects BDA

The student house is positioned as a slightly rotated solitaire between two schoolyards. The shape of the cube contrasts to the long volume of the existing school building. This discrete design emphasizes the independent use of the student house, seen as a temporary home for pupils who spend their entire day in school, working there and having leisure time there as well. Three levels represent the three functions of the house: lunch downstairs, chilling out in the middle, homework on top. The levels are connected by an open staircase. Walls and ceilings are made of rough exposed concrete. The exterior walls are protected by horizontal wooden slats. Multi-storey glass facades provide views of the two school-yards. Thanks to rigorous limitations to the essentials, the scarcely measured construction budget could be met.

Client Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart // Concept Uta Haffner // Project Management Sabine Mössner // Team Sabine Hahn // Landscape Architecture Susanne Konsek // Construction Management Sabine Mössner // Photographer Wolf-Dieter Gericke

GFA 438 square meter
GBV 1,664 cubic meter