Central Fire Station with Workshops and Housing in Biberach


1st prize in competition 2013 - planning in progress / construction in progress

Within a heterogenous commercial zone, a building compex with three main wings defines clear outdoor spaces according to their function: The firemen arrive on the parking lot on the south coming from the city center, they reach the dressing rooms in the central building part on the shortest way, and they leave the complex on their fire engines through two exits on the north. Central functions like hose cleaning, a training unit, workshops and car wash are located in the western building wing. The tower for the hose drying and rescue training marks the northern ending, while the spacious meeting room connects to the central buildung part. This part houses all adminitrative rooms as well as the dressing rooms, and it allows direct access to the central vehicle hall for 28 fire engines and various additional equipment. The separated building on the east contains 12 apartments for the fire brigade.

Client Stadt Biberach an der Riss // Project Management Rainer Streule // Team Maren Kirsch, Shahab Zarei,Elena Oberdörfer // Landscape Architecture Köber Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart // Photographer Zooey Braun