Rehabilitation of Sports Center Althengstett


1st rank in public application process (VOF) 2012 - Completion November 2017

In the 1970’s, a sports center with a partable gymnasium, swimming pool, changing rooms, sauna, restaurant and a common lobby was built in the center of the community of Althengstett. The swimming pool was completely renovated a few year ago. For the gymnasium and the changing rooms, however, the functional and energetic refurbishment to modern standards would not have been economic. A new building on the old foundations allows important improvements: The lobby opens up to the gymnasium with a balcony, while the gymnasium and the dressing rooms are organized on a lower level. A gymnastics room replaces the former sauna and the former restaurant will be turned into a cafeteria for the neighboring school. The secondary façades will be covered with a metal cladding in a vibrant bronze colour, while the main side opens up to the public with a broad glass façade.

Client Gemeinde Althengstett // Project Management Harald Konsek // Team Zsuzsa Demeter, Andre Peric (until 2014), Johannes Brückner // Photographer

GFA 3.357 square meter
GBV 22.895 cubic meter